Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sniffing Her Sleeping Friend's Nylon Feet

If not now when? Catania 13/02/2011

I would like to publish (in part) the remarks of our dear Gaetano to post about La Russa kicking :

[ ...] I find that today there is no politician who can represent , just as there are politicians who now fail to amaze me. The act in question leaves me disgusted and disturbed little dangerously, in the sense that the level of addiction is skyrocketed ! Compared with what is happening in these years is equivalent to the launch of kicking a ball of paper with the tube of a Bic pen ... an empty dispettino an obnoxious child, spoiled and pain in the ass! For my part, despite the widespread inertia that characterizes the last generation (and I'll put in the middle), only now feel the need to participate in initiatives mass emphasize the profound unease that many other people share with mine.
In this regard I would like to link to the brief account of the event held in Catania ... "

publishing the video because:
- is very well fitted by Gaetano ;
- there are shots of Deborah ;
- there is a soundtrack which breaks ;
- it's nice to see that even in Catania property, may be held peaceful demonstrations.

PS: Of course, the fantastic pictures in the head post is Deborah !


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